Kell Capital, LLC, is an asset-based private lending company based in downtown El Paso, Texas.

From the heart of Downtown El Paso, Kell Capital has quickly become a leading private lender in Texas, New Mexico, and Hawai’i. Our team is small and business oriented, making us easy to work with and very flexible in our loan products. We understand that in order to be as dynamic of a lender as possible, our approval parameters must also be dynamic and cannot be “cookie cutter” or “cut & paste” like a traditional lender. And you, as our borrower, will never be treated that way. Every borrower is unique and has their own necessities, desires, and dreams. And no one loan is identical to another. We take pride in the many different loan products that we are able to offer, as well as the flexibility that we have when it comes to originating loans. Being that we are a direct, private lender, we are able to offer loan products and approve borrowers that traditional lenders or “Big Banks” never could. We also take great pride in the fact that you will always work with a real-life person regarding your loan. You will never be directed to an automated machine. You are a human being, and so are we. And we understand that financing can be complicated. We make it easy. And with much appreciation, Kell Capital has become the preferred lender for many real estate investors and private individuals. We hope to become your preferred lender, too.